Build your dream before someone  hires you to build theirs. -Tony Gaskins

The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) in Wayanad is constantly engaged in raising the employability potential of students by delivering job oriented skills. Thousands of students of the district have benefitted from ASAP interventions in education over the last four years and are now in a better launch pad for starting successful careers in various industry sectors.
Entrepreneurship promotion among students is a top priority for ASAP to help students turn their dreams to reality and to join the new breed of successful professionals of the state. Starting new and promising business ventures by students require not only personal traits such as passion, self-motivation and courage, but tremendous support from those around during the early phases.  We at ASAP are committed to extend a helping hand to the promising youngsters of Wayanad who hold the potential to offer great contributions to the district’s development.
"SAMRAMBH" is an initiative of ASAP Wayanad with this noble objective. We invite young ASAPians from colleges across Wayanad to present their entrepreneurial proposals for starting Entrepreneurial Self Help Groups. SAMRAMBH Wayanad is for those young ASAPians who hold entrepreneurial dreams and are on the look out for a guiding light.
ASAP invites brief Business Proposals from potential young entrepreneurs. Proposals may be sent to Ms.MercyPriya, District Programme Manager, ASAP Wayanad  via mail mercy@asapkerala.gov.in on or before 5.00 pm of 1st March 2017. A hardcopy of the proposal may also be submitted to Mr. Bibindas ED  , Programme Manager Incharge SDC Government College Mananthavady.  Three best proposals will be selected by an expert group and promoted during the proposed ASAP placement drive on 11th march 2017 at the Govt. College Mananthavady.
Eligibility for application:
*The candidate must be an ASAP student of Wayanad district of any skill year between 2012  and 2015.
*The candidate must be a graduate or a 3rd year degree student.
*Preferred personal traits:  Self-motivated with a positive attitude, have the right aptitude to start a business with innovative and practically possible ideas, have ample support from the family.

Proposal Layout:
*An executive summary of the business plan
*Mission, Vision and Objective of the group
*Ownership and organization structure
*Startup summary including the expense expected with breakeven period (financial projection of 1 year)
*Services/Product aimed to be provided
*Customer value analysis
*Market analysis and a target market plan

For Details Contact:1. Ms. Mercy Priya
                                           Programme Manager in-charge of District, Wayanad
                                           Cell: 9495999657
                                           Email: mercy@asapkerala.gov.in
                                       2. Mr. Bibindas ED
                                            Programme Manager in-charge SDC Govt. College Mananthavady
                                            Cell: 9495999784
                                            Email: bibindas@asapkerala.gov.in

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